Three Dee

Duration: 25:48 Views: 425 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Description: Spikey Dee, CJ Parker, and Sebastian Cruz are gettin' cozy in a threeway kiss, causing temperatures, and rods to rise! Pole hungry Parker knows he's dealing with some monster meat; but, the cock thirsty cutie has such confidence in his skills, he's ready to take on TWO! He unpacks the pretty pair's pulsing pieces, and quickly takes them on in tandem, as Sebastian and spikey kiss. The dude's dongs are so long, they touch one another even with sexy sucker CJ between them. This turns Cruz into a cock crazed cannibal, and he does some delicious damage on Dee's extra thich dick with that velvety throat of his. The two bigger boys bring Parker over to the bed, where they return the fellatio favor, before Sebastian stuffs CJ's pretty mouth with his meat, as Dee continues working on that cock. Sebastian then straddles the twink's face for an ass eating, as he tosses Parker's legs in the air, signaling Spikey to eat his fill. With Parker's pink lil' pucker primed, Dee dicks him down, as Cruz makes sure that pouty mouth stays full. The big dicked dudes swing the little spinner around, switching positions, before Dee's craving for dick kicks into high gear, and he climbs on top of Parker's pole for a raw ride. He snacks on Sebastian as he bounces on CJ's balls, before takin Cruz's cock for a spin. The horny slut can't choose just one; so, he bids his time bouncing from bone to bone for a bit, before the boy's balls fill with fuck juice. Dee, and Parker plaster Sebastian's handsome face with spunk, before Cruz unloads all over his sexy stomach. The thirsty thruple finish panting, and sweaty, kissing, and covered in fresh cream.